Common Motorcycle Hazards to Look Out For

For many people, riding a motorcycle is a fun and efficient way to travel. The open air, wind, and speed are just some aspects of riding that attract people every day. While riding your bike can be an exhilarating experience, it’s important to be aware of the dangers motorcyclists commonly encounter. The next time you go out for a motorcycle ride, be on the lookout for the following hazardous situations:

  • Cars Turning Left: The most common motorcycle collisions are with cars making left-hand turns. Accidents like these usually occur at intersections. Be wary of cars that do not signal or leave enough space when turning.
  • Blind Spots: The area around your bike that isn’t visible in another driver’s mirrors is called a blind spot. If you find yourself in a blind spot, you should immediately move past the other vehicle or slow down so they have enough room to switch lanes if needed.
  • Uneven Roads, Debris, Oil, & Sand: Hazards like potholes and divots in the road can affect your stability and could cause you to lose control of the bike. Additionally, motorcycles can lose traction and begin to slide when debris, oil, or sand are present on the road. If it doesn’t look safe, find another way around.
  • Side Roads: With vehicles constantly turning in and out of these roads, it is easy to be hit by a reckless driver. Expect that other vehicles won’t see you when traveling on side roads. Be ready to react and adjust accordingly.
  • Intersections: Intersections can potentially involve all of the hazards we’ve described so far. Watch for vehicles that stop too quickly or not quickly enough at traffic signals or four-way stop signs. Never assume a vehicle is going to stop for you. Be on the lookout for traffic hazards and try to make a “what if” plan for how to react in these types of situations.

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