Common Personal Injury Myths

Not everyone is familiar with what goes on in a personal injury lawsuit. It can be an intimidating process and having incorrect or misleading information about what one entails can make it all the more harrowing. If you are considering filing a personal injury lawsuit or are in the midst of one, take some time to dispel some of the most common myths that permeate public discourse.

Here are some of the most common myths you might have encountered regarding personal injury:

  • You should negotiate your insurance settlement without a lawyer: While you certainly can deal with an insurance company without a lawyer, it is not advisable. Insurance companies are not looking out for the best interests of those seeking compensation and will do everything they can to sabotage your attempts to get what you deserve. They will often try to make an initial offer soon after an accident, before you have time to process the accident, or estimate how much it might take to recover, so they can lure you into accepting an amount that does not begin to address the costs associated with your injuries. When you hire a personal injury attorney who is experienced in handling such cases, you will have a much better chance at receiving just compensation. Most insurance companies would rather not go to trial and having an attorney at your side sends a clear message – you are not afraid to take your case to court.
  • You do not want to cause financial hardship for the at-fault party: Some people have genuine concerns about others, even if that other person is responsible for their injuries. In fact, a personal injury victim might go so far as to avoid bringing a lawsuit against the at-fault party out of fear for that person’s financial well-being, not wanting to force them into bankruptcy. However, most of the time, an individual’s insurance company is the one who foots the bill for a settlement or judgment. If an at-fault party was uninsured or not covered for the type of accident you were involved in, that person could be held personally responsible for your injuries.
  • If you were partly to blame for an accident, you will not be able to win your lawsuit: Even if you share some of the blame for an accident that caused your injuries, you might still be able to secure compensation. The amount you receive would be reduced by the percentage of fault attributed to your negligence. For example, if you were awarded $100,000 in damages and it was determined you were at fault by 25%, your award would be reduced to $75,000.
  • If you feel fine, there is no need to go to a hospital after an accident: After any accident, particularly those that might involve a violent shake or blow to the head, it is crucial to go to the hospital or see your doctor as soon as possible. Not all injuries are visible and symptoms can take days or weeks to emerge. If you wait that long, however, an insurance company might think you are exaggerating or lying since you did not immediately seek evaluation. This can harm your personal injury case. Seeing a doctor is something you should always do for your health and for your claim.
  • You can hire the same attorney who handled your divorce: Just as you see different doctors and specialists for different issues, you need to hire different lawyers to handle different areas of practice. The law is complex, so most lawyers focus on one practice area and develop extensive experience and knowledge it to better assist clients. It is important for you to hire a lawyer who understands personal injury law and is able to handle your case competently and effectively.
  • It is clear the other person was at fault, so your case will resolve quickly: The length of a case depends on how much the other party is contesting liability. If your case is worth a large sum of money, the insurance company will work hard to stall progress or try to dispute the severity of your injuries. This might lengthen the duration of a case, but with a skilled personal injury attorney at your side, you can achieve the results you need.

Protecting the Rights of Victims with Fierce Representation

When one suffers a personal injury, it is often an overwhelming and traumatic experience and victims are often left in a state of frustration and confusion regarding what steps to take next. At the Law Office of Robert B. Dunlap, we are in the business of protecting those who were harmed by the negligence of others. Regardless if the at-fault party is an individual, property owner, corporation, manufacturer, or other entity, our firm will hold them responsible for the injuries and pain they cause.

Shreveport personal injury attorney Robert B. Dunlap has been fighting for the rights of injured victims in Louisiana for over 30 years. With him, you are not just a case. Dunlap is personally invested in the well-being of his clients and he strives to craft creative solutions within the bounds of the law to achieve the goals of his clients, and ensure they secure the compensation they deserve.

Our firm can offer skilled representation for car accidents, truck accidents, catastrophic injuries, premises liability, pedestrian accidents, workers’ compensation, and more.

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