Multi-Vehicle Accidents: Who’s Responsible?

Multiple-vehicle (multi-vehicle) accidents are some of the most dangerous and complicated crashes on the road. They often involve 3 or more vehicles in 1 collision or a series of collisions, and determining who might be responsible for the incident is usually tricky.

In a typical car accident involving just 2 cars, insurance companies will make the automatic assumption a driver hitting another driver’s bumper is the party responsible for the crash. This assumption is 1 reason why rear-endings are almost always blamed on the car behind.

Multi-vehicle crashes are complex because law enforcement often needs to determine who did what to cause the accident. Was the first car the guiltiest of creating the disaster or did the several vehicles following play some part by following the car ahead too closely?

The police report will usually cite which car is at fault as it examines and explains how the crash occurred. Most often, 1 driver can be said to have started the chain reaction in a multi-car pile-up; however, it is possible for 2 or more cars to share the blame. The fault will be determined either by the officer making the examination or by the insurance adjusters who examine the police report later.

Determining liability is essential when the drivers involved in such an accident need to file a claim. If you are found partially at fault in the incident, the insurance company may adjust for your shared responsibility and reimburse you for a smaller amount of the total damages. For example, if you are responsible for 20% of the accident, the total amount you might be entitled to will be decreased by 20% before you receive the compensation.

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