What Common Defects Are Found in Truck Accidents?

There are numerous factors that cause a commercial truck accident. One of the most common things that can lead to a truck accident are equipment defects or malfunctions. Because addressing these issues takes a large amount of time and manpower, many truck companies will often overlook significant safety issues. While highway patrol officers are supposed to be on the lookout for commercial trucks that have safety violations, mechanical defects continue to go unnoticed. When a truck’s equipment is defective or faulty, it can contribute to a fatal accident.  In this blog, we talk about common defects that are found in commercial truck accidents.

Brake Failure

Poor maintenance can cause brakes to fail when they are most needed. Commercial trucks require more time and room for braking. When a truck’s brakes don’t function properly, it can cause dangerous or even deadly rear-end collisions. A truck’s braking system requires constant maintenance in order to function optimally, which is why it is vital that trucking companies conduct safety audits and test the functionality of their truck’s equipment regularly.

Defective Head & Tail Lights

Truck drivers rely heavily on lighting to avoid accidents. Functioning head and tail lights are extremely important for commercial truck drivers. Burned out lights on a truck can made the vehicle difficult to see at night. This makes certain stretches of highway very dangerous to travel on for both the trucker and other drivers on the road.

Tire Defects

The tires used on 18 wheelers tend to wear out faster than the tires on passenger vehicles. Tread separation and blowouts are two things that truck drivers should be particularly worried about. It is important that trucking companies frequently monitor and rotate the tires on the trucks that are in use. Tire pressure and loose treads should also be checked to prevent serious accidents from taking place.

Rear Guard Failure

The metal bar that hangs below the back of a commercial truck is called a “rear guard.” The device is intended to prevent vehicles from getting stuck underneath a truck. Unfortunately, research has shown that these safety devices can fail if a vehicle is moving faster than 35mph. 

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