What Should I Expect from My Personal Injury Case?

Recovering from an injury is difficult enough as it is. It’s even tougher when you don’t know what to expect from your personal injury case. Rest easy, because in this blog we’ll break down the process of filing a claim. As you read, it is important to remember that all cases are different and there is no there is no single defined method for how to handle an injury case.

Consulting with an Attorney

After being injured, you should seek out an experienced attorney. You will want to inform your lawyer of any perceived negligence from the other party. Your attorney will likely discuss the extent and severity of your injuries and also see if there is a defendant from whom you can seek compensation. They will also help you understand your available legal options.

Investigating Your Case

Your attorney will likely investigate your injury claim by using police reports, photographs, witness testimony, and medical records. They might even look into your employment history or earning potential. A good attorney will consult with accident reconstruction experts and medical experts in order to fully articulate the circumstances of your accident. Your lawyer might also investigate any surveillance that may be useful in your case.

Demand Package

A demand for settlement includes a letter outlining your case for liability and damages. The opposing party will either reject the demand, make a new offer, or accept it as is. If the case can’t be settled right away, your attorney will file a lawsuit seeking compensation.

Discovery and Mediation

Before the trial, both parties obtain evidence form one another and, in turn, can evaluate the other side’s case. To avoid trial, a mediator might be called in. During this process, the two parties attempt to reach an agreement.

Trial and Appeal

If mediation fails to resolve the matter, the case will go trial. Usually, a jury will evaluate the facts of the case and make a determination. The side that loses may appeal the jury’s decision. This process is different than a trial and should be handled by an experienced attorney.

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