What Should I Say After an Accident?

A car accident can be a terrifying and even traumatic experience. Those involved in the collision are often frustrated, angry, and more than likely, overwhelmed. When tempers begin to flare, it is common to want to neutralize and de-escalate a potentially volatile situation. In other instances, an apology might accomplish this feat. But before you go apologizing for something that might not have been your fault, remember that anything you say could later be used against you in court. For this reason, you’ll want to avoid the following 5 phrases:

“It’s My Fault.” A lot of people are quick to assume responsibility for tense situations. Do not be this person. Avoid jumping to conclusions and try not to directly or indirectly admit wrongdoing. Exchange phone numbers and insurance information, not apologies.

“I’m Sorry.” This a natural response that you’ve been socially conditioned to repeat. However, this phrase can be interpreted as an admission of fault.

“I Might Have.” Remain silent if you are not sure about the accuracy of events leading up to your accident. An attorney can later advise you on how to issue a statement if needed.

“I’m All Right.” While you might feel fine physically, you do not have an obligation to assure others of your health condition. Get a medical screening to rule out or identify any injuries you might have sustained in the accident.

“It’s Okay.” At times, an accident victim might be hysterical or emotional. Although expressing your concern might feel like the right thing to do, you probably shouldn’t. Do not make uninformed judgments. Instead, consult with a medical professional, your attorney, and insurance company before reassuring others.

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