Oil, gas and mineral law in Louisiana is one of the most complex areas of law around. In addition to knowing the regime of oil and gas law in Louisiana, a competent oil and gas attorney must understand property law, family law, succession and probate law and other arcane bits of law such as those dealing with cemeteries, schools and churches. As an oil, gas and mineral attorney, Robert B. Dunlap has examined the title to and production history of hundreds of properties in Caddo, Bossier, DeSoto, Red River and Lincoln Parishes on behalf of oil and gas producers and landowners. He has negotiated oil, gas and mineral leases resulting in millions of dollars in bonus and royalty income for the mineral owners. He has also successfully litigated complex mineral law issues on behalf of mineral owners seeking to make oil and gas companies pay what they agreed to pay. If you have an oil, gas or mineral law problem, you need an experienced oil, gas and mineral law attorney.

  • Let Robert B. Dunlap help you:
  • Examine title and production history of lands you seek to develop.
  • Negotiate oil, gas, and mineral leases, surface rights, and land use.
  • Protect you from mineral producers who underpay the royalties that are rightfully yours.

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As a Shreveport mineral rights lawyer, Mr. Dunlap has the experience and skill needed to negotiate the complexities of oil and gas law. With the Haynesville Shale, thought by some to be the largest natural gas field in North America, so close to home, thousands of people are jumping on board to take advantage of the rich resources.

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